Are you going on a carnival cruise? Congratulations! When preparing for a cruise, you may be thinking of the excitement, the relaxation, and the fun you will have on your vacation. Public transportation might not even occur to you as something to prepare for. Yet when choosing transportation to and from the airport, what you choose may make or break just how relaxing your vacation is. A shuttle gives you fast travel and more time to settle down with your loved ones. Consider the following benefits of shuttle transport below when deciding whether to choose a shuttle.

Rest and enjoy the scenery.
If you decide to rent a car, your peaceful vacation may become unnecessarily stressful as you try to navigate unfamiliar streets and deal with potential traffic and congestion. Not so in a shuttle. A shuttle lets you relax as the driver navigates the city. Some shuttles even stop by major sites in the city so that you can enjoy the sites without any disturbances.

Safety first.
When traveling in a city you’re not familiar with, it is more likely that you may get in a car accident in all the confusion and excitement. Shuttles significantly reduce the chance of accidents and keeps you safe on unfamiliar roads.

Environmentally friendly.
Shuttles are simply better for the environment than rental cars. Reduce pollution and take a shuttle by utilizing the passenger per vehicle ratio and cleaner technology. Green living may not be one of your priorities when taking a vacation, but reducing pollution makes traveling cities more enjoyable for everyone.

Affordable, too!
It is also much more affordable than car rentals. Between rental fees, gas payments and parking fees, you may end up paying just as much on transportation as you do on the cruise! Shuttles offer transportation for a fraction of the price.

Shuttles not only offer an affordable and more enjoyable traveling option, but they also are environmentally cleaner and safer than car rentals. When taking a vacation, they are a top transportation option. Are you planning to take a carnival cruise and researching your options? Aussie Transportation offers airport shuttles in the Jacksonville FL area! To get in touch, call us at (904) 472-7025, or fill out a fare request form We look forward to working with you!